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Parents - Need to Know
Instructor: April Riley   
Are you new to the Aledo ISD? This page is intended to provide parents with the basic information to get you connected in the Aledo school system. 
Ways to Get Connected to Your Child's Education
Create an Account
As a parent there are several ways you can get connected with Aledo ISD and your child's school:
  • Create a School Fusion account
    • School Fusion is the name of the program that we use to host the Aledo district, campus, and classroom websites.
    • You will need your child's date of birth and student ID number to create your account.
    • This account provides you direct access to your child's school and teachers. With your School Fusion website login, you will receive email alerts from the campus and district website as announcements are posted, as well as when teachers make announcments to their class websites.
    • You can also easily email your child's teacher(s) via School Fusion.
    • See the "Helpful Files" section below for more information.
    • NOTE: A School Fusion account is NOT required to view websites or to email Aledo employees. However, it is highly encouraged to have a School Fusion parent account as a means to stay informed.
  • Follow Your Favorites! ~ Stay informed with your favorite teacher, club, team, or organization webpage.
    Just follow these simple steps:
    • Go to the Aledo webpage that you want to follow.
    • Click on the "Join this Fusion Page" link. (See image below.)
    • Login with your Aledo ISD School Fusion account.

    • Every time the teacher or group leader updates the webpage with upcoming events and announcements, you will receive an email notification with the updates made.

  • Create a Parent Portal account
    • Parent Portal, or TX Connect, is the system used in Aledo ISD to track students' grades and attendance.
    • When initially creating your Parent Portal account, you will need to click on "New User" below the login box. You will also need your child's date of birth and his/her portal ID number provided to you by the school.
    • The Parent Portal system updates from the teacher's gradebook and is updated twice per week on Monday and Thursday at approximately 5pm.
    • Attendance is posted daily.
    • Through the TX Connect/Parent Portal system, you can set notification parameters to receive emails based on your preferences. (EX: If your child has an absence in a class or a grade below a 70)
    • By having a Parent Portal account, you can easily stay informed of your child's grades and attendance.
    • See the "Helpful Files" section below for more information.
    • NOTE: Information retrieved via this system should be regarded as unofficial.
  • Create a My School Bucks account
    • My School Bucks is the system used by Aledo ISD to connect parents to their child's school cafeteria account.
    • You will need your child's six digit school ID number when creating your My School Bucksaccount.
    • You can use this account to view your child's purchases in the cafeteria, as well as make payments to your child's lunch account.
    • You can also set notifications to be emailed when your child's account drops below a certain amount.
    • NOTE: This system may take up to one day or more for a payment to post to your child's account. There is also a convenience fee of $1.95 per transaction.
  • Other ways to stay connected
    • The Aledo ISD app by Parlant Technology
      • iPhone app
      • Android app
      • The Aledo ISD app can alert you of school closings or delays, upcoming events, and other news across the district.
      • Requires no account login, but you must download the app!
      • Provides a direct connection to Parent Portal (grades/attendance system), My School Bucks (cafeteria services), as well live feed to the Aledo social media accounts.
    • Aledo ISD Facebook page
    • Aledo ISD Twitter page
Helpful Files
 Parent Portal/TX Connect Help
Parent Portal/TX Connect = Grades & Attendance in Aledo ISD
Find helpful guides and tutorials for your Parent Portal account.
 School Fusion Help
School Fusion = Aledo ISD website system
Find guides and tutorials to help you with your School Fusion account

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